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How it Works?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.


First, you need to register a user account on our website before configuring and using it on a regular basis.


Our web SMS platform helps you reach customers on the device they use the most their mobile phone.

Language support

It supports multiple languages and comes with English and German. You will be able to add more languages easily.

24/7 Support

We care your business. You will get 24/7 support from us. Our support teams are greatest in helping our customers.

Resource friendly and Scalable

Unlike most app like this that uses long polling to send the messages, SMS Gateway uses the Firebase Push Notification. This allows it to work without overloading the server with requests even if you have millions of connected devices. It also saves your devices battery life by only contacting the server when there are new messages to send.



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APNSMS is now available to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Satisfied Customers

“Everything is good, SMS service is working well and everything is brilliant. My Korean bosses are so chuffed with the service they have decided to roll the service out worldwide, if it’s ok by you I will forward everyone your details and get you a load more work. ”

Mahbubur Riad

Xener IT

“I have had a great experience with Apnsms. fabulous contact, replies to all my Emails and the service always runs smoothly and efficiently, polite and helpful. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs a fast reliable SMS service! Big thanks to Apnsms and customer support team! ”

David McKeller

Allied Accountants

“Apnsms offers great value for money and the service is incredibly robust. Customer service is excellent. A truly superb service and one that I would thoroughly recommend to other businesses who do not want to absorb the cost of running and maintaining their own SMS gateway. ”

Lauren Mamaj

Loop Financial Ltd

“Apnsms allows us to inform our volunteers much more quickly & co-ordinate rescues easily. We undertake various rescues from helping young people that are lost or those that have been caught in adverse weather conditions, through to climbers that have broken bones. We are extremely pleased that apnsms makes our job even more successful. ”

Varun Aggarwal

Futurestep Finance

“Like any company we don’t like to spend money. However, investing in apnsms has been the most successful marketing campaign in the last three years. It creates the word-of-mouth buzz that is vital. We would thoroughly recommend apnsms on their superb customer service and technical proficiency. ”

Keren Nillan

Transport Agency

“we are able to send out group messages to our cleaners advising them of new jobs. This then, in turn, saves us more time to focus on other things so we can maintain a high standard of customer service. We, as a company would highly recommend you and your services to others ”

Robin Aggarwal



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$2.50 mo
265 mo
  • 2 Devices Support
  • 5,000Contacts Add
  • 10,000 Credits
  • 24/7 Support
  • Keen Analytics Platform
  • All Sim Support
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$25.50 Lifetime
2703 Lifetime
  • Unlimited Devices Support
  • UnlimitedContacts Add
  • Unlimited Credits
  • 24/7 Support
  • Keen Analytics Platform
  • All Sim Support
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